The Hayling Site relaunches

April 25, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Hayling Island

Welcome to the all-new Hayling Site.

Weave been quietly running away on the site for the last few weeks with the aim of bring the site up to date and putting the focus back on supporting the Island.A A Weave softly launched the result today a the first iteration of an all new platform for Hayling Islanders.

Our overriding intent has been to make the site more useful again. The last version of the site became dominated by the forum( both in terms of quantity of content and the time it took to manage ). Whilst entertaining, much of that was effectively a chat room with little long term value.

The new site is not trying to be a chat room. Time has moved on and everyone has half a dozen ways to chat an argue on their phone in their pocket. Instead weave tried to take the most useful parts of those discussions and build better tools for each.

Questions : Post your questions and pick the favourite answers, or answer questions and assist other members.

Marketplace : Sell your stuff. No listing fees , no completion fees

Events : Whatas on, on Hayling

Weave also overhauled and upped the content: Visitor guides, Life section of those living on Hayling, New directory system, fixed , Activity guides, Updated and improved local history segment and more( go and explore !).

We still have work to do, we know that.A Our hope is that those interested in helping make the site run from good to great will join us in using this new platform and building more of it.A A Stay posted for more updates, and donat forget to Like us on Facebook.

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